Starting a Business FAQ’s

  • What can you offer my start up business?

    As Ireland’s leading business provider of fixed, broadband and mobile services, we offer a wide range of products and services, and dedicated support and advice, to help get your new business started.

  • How will I know what products best suit my business needs?

    Our specialist start-up team will help you choose products and services based on your business needs.

  • Is it possible to keep the associated costs down?

    We offer great special offers and promotions, to help cut down on your start-up costs.

  • How much of my business time will be occupied by this process?

    Our team will track and manage the delivery of your eir products and services, saving you time, and allowing you to focus on your new business.

  • How do I get the process started?

    Simply click on the Request a Call Back button below, fill out a short form and one of our specialist start-up agents will call you back within 24 hours.