Wireless Settings

  • Wireless Connection

    As you will get a new modem with eFibre, you will have to update all of your wireless devices to connect to your new modem.

    You’ll find your new wireless key on the sticker on your new modem.wireless_connect_devices

  • Check for Wireless Interference

    Your wireless connection can occasionally suffer from interference from other wireless devices and this can affect your internet connection.

    Worst offenders are:
    • Cordless phones
    • Wireless TV senders

    By moving your cordless phone to more than 2-3 feet away from the modem you can optimise your Wi-Fi signal

  • Multiple devices

    With eFibre speeds of up to 100Mb you can have multiple users, using multiple devices connected to the internet simultaneously.

    However, if you notice slower browsing speeds when multiple devices are sharing your internet connection, there may be a problem with one or more of those devices and this will slow everything down.

    To test if a particular device is causing problems, try disconnecting them from the modem, then re-connecting them back one by one.

  • How can I test my speed?

    You can test your speed with our speedtest widget. This will only show eFibre speeds if you have bought an eFibre package.

    Please note, results are only an indication of your connection speed which may be affected by other devices or wireless coverage and please ensure you are testing from your home computer.

    Test my speed ยป

  • Issues with Windows Vista on eFibre

    If you are encountering issues using Windows Vista on eFibre, firstly we suggest you update your Wi-Fi driver by downloading the correct Wi-Fi driver from the Microsoft website using another computer or through the Ethernet cable if necessary.

    We also recommend you make sure Vista is up to date with the most recent Vista updates and service packs.

    Lastly, you can try lowering the wifi encryption to WEP on the modem (note it is less secure) and to disable ipv6 on the modem.

    Get help with our step-by-step guide.

    Should you experience further Wi-Fi issues on Vista call Broadband Technical Support on 1890 260 260.

  • Secure your wireless network

    eir modems come already password protected and encrypted.

    If your modem was not supplied by eir, ensure your network is password protected and encrypted, as failing to do so will leave it open to anybody nearby to use, slowing you down in the process.

    We suggest you go to your modem’s website to find out how to secure your network.


  • Distance and location of modem

    Wireless networks can be affected by the distance of the modem from your wireless device (Wi-Fi laptop, smartphone, wireless printer, etc.). In general, modems will work best within 30 metres from your wireless device (PC, laptop).

    Wireless works best when there’s a clear space to your computer, unobstructed by barriers that may block the signal. These include thick walls or ceilings and large metallic surfaces such as radiators, mirrors and refrigerators.

    When installing eFibre, our eir engineer will have advised you on the best location for your modem.