Using Pogo>®

  • How do I download the Pogo> mobile app?

    For iOS search the App Store℠ “AIBMS Pogo>”.   For Android search the Google Play™ store “AIBMS Pogo>”.. It is suggested that you connect to a WiFi network to download or upgrade the application software. If you are an iPad® user, please select ‘iPhone® only’ to download the app.

  • What devices are compatible to work with Pogo>?

    For Apple® Users:
    Pogo> is compatible with the iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod touch® running iOS 5.0 or later. Please note you will only be able to take payments when you are connected to a Wifi or Mifi service.

    For Android™ Users:
    Pogo> is compatible with Android™ devices running version 2.3 of the operating system or later.
    Pogo> is not compatible with Beta versions of Apple or Android operating systems or Honeycomb operating system for Android tablets.



  • Can I accept payments without a card reader?

    No, you must use the Pogo>® card reader.

  • How do I link my card reader with my smart device?

    Your Pogo> card reader connects to your smart device via Bluetooth®.
    For Apple® users:
    •    Select settings from your main screen within your device
    •    Select Bluetooth
    •    Make sure that the Bluetooth option is “ON”
    •    A list of devices will appear – select the Pogo> card reader and select “Pair”

    For Android Users:
    •    If you have an Android™ device, the Pogo> App will enable Bluetooth if not already turned on. As part of your first transaction, if the card reader is not paired, the App will automatically give the option to pair to the card reader. Select the card reader from the list of available devices.
    Additional Bluetooth troubleshooting steps:
    •    Make sure that the Pogo> card reader is switched on
    •    Make sure that the Pogo> card reader has sufficient power to pair with your smart device
    •    Make sure that Bluetooth is set to “ON” on your smart device
    •    Re-select and attempt to re-pair the Pogo> card reader from the list of Bluetooth devices
    •    Android only – if as part of your 1st transaction there is a problem during the automatic pairing process, you may have to pair the card reader and device manually

    Refer to your devices manual on Bluetooth connectivity
    Please refer to the  User Guide for more information about your Pogo> card reader.

  • Do I have to charge the reader?

    Yes, the Pogo> card reader has its own power source and does not draw power from your device. Fully power the card reader using the USB cable provided.

  • Can I take a transaction in an area that has no network/Wi-Fi coverage?

    No, Pogo> will only work with a 3G / 4G network or Wi-Fi coverage. If you’re in an area with no network or Wi-Fi coverage you need to ask for a different form of payment.

  • Can I print receipts?

    Pogo> allows you to send email receipts as part of a transaction. Please refer to the

    User Guide

  • What if I don’t want to email a receipt?

    It is a Visa and MasterCard requirement that you provide customers with a receipt. If your customer requests a receipt but does not want to provide you with an email address, you can select manual receipt within the app and write the customer a physical receipt

  • What types of Payments can I accept?

    All Visa®, MasterCard® and Maestro. Debit and credit cards.

  • How do I process a sale?

    Processing card payments with Pogo> is easy. Please refer to the User Guide.