Digital Boost
Terms & Conditions

For any further queries please contact us on 1800 242 508
  • The Digital Boost Programme, (“the Programme”), is dedicated to supporting Irish Businesses online. In effect, the Programme is only open to Irish Businesses to enter. An Irish Business is defined as a company trading in the Republic of Ireland that is VAT registered.
  • All applicants can register their interest for entry to the programme through the dedicated eir Digital Boost online page, the eir Business Facebook app page and the Digital Boost app. Please take note, from here forward, a “Registered Entrant ” will reference a business that has entered the programme by filling out the entry form on eir Digital Boost online page, the Facebook app or Digital Boost app. Being a Registered Entrant does not guarantee the final prize offering (a free app developed for their business, a mobile marketing consultation with our expert, a mobile strategy consultation with our expert, a Sony tablet and smartphone, unlimited business mobile plan for 18 months, PR and promotional benefits).
  • Registered Entrants must fill out a specific form online and provide a description of their business and outline how they feel they will benefit from the prize offering. It will be at the discretion of eir and based on this description submitted, whether they will be selected to progress further in the programme or be chosen as a monthly winner. eir reserves the right to store the information provided in the application and may use it for future communications associated with eir services at a later point.
  • Registrations are confirmed when an automatic email thanking them for their interest and application is received by the entrant on registration.
  • The starting date of the programme and the initial date when submissions will be accepted is 16th Sept 2013. A single entrant will be selected each month as the Digital Boost Winner, from the group that register within the previous month . The first winner will be announced in early November 2013. This will be followed by the second announcement in early December. One winner only will be selected and announced each month for a total of six months, excluding the month of January 2014.
  • Entries will close on the 24th April 2014. The last winner will be announced in early May 2014.
  • Entries from one month may be utilised for subsequent months at the discretion of the selection panel
  • Feedback to Registered Entrants entrants on their applications will not be provided.
  • Please take note that throughout this document, a “Winner” will reference the single business entrant that is selected each month as the eir Digital Boost Winner on the success of their application.
  • Selected Winners will be filmed and photographed by the eir production team both before and after the prize is delivered. eir reserve the right to use this footage for their own commercial purposes in the future.
  • By downloading the eir Digital Boost app, eir has the right to send push messages to you. To unsubscribe just uninstall the app.
  • By entering the competition you consent to eir sharing your data with eir partners such as Quantum Touch, Wufoo etc. Additionally eir may use any data captured for its own marketing purposes.
  • eir accepts no responsibility for incorrectly completed, incomplete, lost or delayed entries, notices, acceptances or other documents related to the Programme.

App Development Terms and conditions

  • Each monthly winner will receive a 5 day App development resource commitment – after which the best development achieved in that time will be the resulting prize.
  • Any app prize won will be only for an “Out of the Box” Smart Appys App. They will also receive Smart App features including Mobile App Analytics, Geofencing or Push Messaging for one month only. Further access to Smart App features will require a monthly subscription fee (only if the winner requires those features on an on-going basis)
  • Any additional work or bespoke development requests can be catered for outside the prize at an agreed rate with Quantum Touch Limited.
  • App development service must be completed for the monthly winner within six months subsequent to the official announcement of their win.
  • App not available on the Windows platform.


Prizes will consist of expert advice and consultation from the Digital Boost Panel. Winners will be provided the opportunity to receive one to one consultation from up to two members of the panel, specific to the needs of their particular business. This consultation will be conducted face-to-face in eir’s HSQ headquarters, 1 St John’s Rd, Dublin 8, or alternatively, at the option of the Winner by telephone. Winners will be allowed a single session to the total of two hours with selected members of the Digital Boost Panel. Winners will also receive- .

  1. A free app developed for their business
  2. eMobile Unlimited Business Mobile Plan for 18 months for one user, to a value of (€1,040)
  3. A Sony tablet and smartphone
  4. Two free sessions of filming produced into one final piece of promotional footage of a “before and after” video shoot.
  5. Prizes may be altered at the discretion of eir.

** Please note, this prize fund does not include VAT.

ADDITIONAL CONDITIONS which are binding on all entrants to the Programme:

  1. Winners agree to attend and partake in the eir Digital Boost video shoot as part of the prize delivery.
  2. Winners grant eir permission to video him/her as he/she takes part in an interview and video shoot at his/her business premises.
  3. Winners grant eir ownership of intellectual property of the film footage and the right to use the footage for their own purposes for duration of twenty-four months starting from October 2013.
  4. eir grants Winners the right the use their own individual film footage for their own purposes for the duration of twenty-four months starting from October 2013. The Winner does not have the right to make any amendments to this file however and it must be kept and used as it is provided by eir.
  5. Winners grant eir permission to shoot footage of Winners’ office/working environment including any staff members onsite at the time of filming.
  6. Winners grant eir permission for these videos to be uploaded onto the Digital Boost dedicated website
  7. Winners and entrants grant eir permission to use the videos, interviews and comments relating to the eir Digital Boost Programme across all social media platforms including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, eir website pages and Digital Boost app
  8. Winners grant eir permission for these videos to remain live on the eir Digital Boost dedicated landing page on
  9. Winners and entrants grant permission to eir to develop a case study (to be a written version of the video) for use online at and promoted across the social media channels (as per point 7 above) in addition to print.
  10. Winners grant permission to eir to feature the video in wider communications to the eir consumer and business databases (i.e. bill insert/newsletter/ezine).
  11. Entrant grants permission to the eir business team to contact them with future information, and content related to the eir Digital Boost Programme and other eir promotions and offers.
  12. eir retains the right to remove the videos,comments and articles at any given time.
  13. In the event that eir wishes to extend the time period beyond twenty four months we will discuss with entrant to establish if this is permissible.
  14. Entrants agree that their business name and contact listing will be displayed on the eir Digital Boost app and will be visible to all other entrants.
  15. The eMobile Unlimited Business mobile plan for 18 months is for one user only, and will be to a value of €1,040. eirs terms, conditions and fair usage policy will apply. For full terms and conditions, see