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The terms and conditions for eir Business products and services are listed below. The terms and conditions on this site are valid at the date of your order for this service and may be printed.
If the terms and conditions of a particular service are not listed below contact your eir account manager.

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Your Agreement with eir Business will comprise of the following documents: (i) Order Form (which will be signed by you), (ii) Service Schedule and (iii) Master Terms. Our Master Terms and Conditions for the supply of goods and services are set out in full below. All of our products and services have separate terms and conditions in the form of Services Schedules or other additional Terms as set out below and form part of your Agreement with eir.

Master Terms

Voice Services

Voice Discount Plans

Mobile Services

Data, Broadband & Wifi Services

The terms and conditions for Small Business Products and Services, Home/Business landline, Home/Business Broadband and eir TV can be found on www.eir.ie/termsandconditions and associated pricing can be found at www.eir.ie/pricing