The Top Five Free Online Digital Marketing Training Courses

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Mark Smith

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Digital marketing is playing a larger role than ever in businesses’ marketing strategies, and in some cases it’s proving more effective than traditional marketing. This trend has not gone unnoticed by businesses who are constantly investigating how they can better use digital marketing to generate tangible opportunities.


But digital marketing is a relatively new concept and there is a distinct shortage of experts in Ireland. There are a number of digital marketing courses that offer excellent training in this area but for budget-conscious businesses the cost of upskilling staff can be prohibitive.

The good news is that over the past few years, thanks to the rise in virtual learning, free online training courses have sprung up and are a flexible alternative to costly courses that take staff out of the office for days at a time. If you’re looking to upskill yourself and your team.


Five free online courses covering the key aspects of digital marketing:

Content Marketing for B2B Enterprises: This course will help you create content – from blog posts to advertisements – that’s relevant to your target market.

Internet Marketing for Smart People Email Course: This 20-installment course from CopyBlogger, which is delivered by email, offers a comprehensive look into content marketing, copywriting, SEO, keyword research, and more.

PPC University: This is course provides modules for beginners and advanced PPC users. It’s aim is to teach you all you need to know about pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.
Advanced SEO – Tactics and Strategy: This is a seven-video lesson course, created by the Moz team. The course offers SEO expertise for beginners and experts with top tips and best practice.

ALISON Diploma in Social Media Marketing: This course gives you a rundown of all the social media platforms and will equip you with the skills to plan and implement a successful social media strategy. The course also delves into email marketing, affiliate marketing and blogging.
Separately, Google offers courses in Google Analytics and Google AdWords, which offer a complete guide to these applications. Recipients receive certification from Google once relevant exams have been completed.

For those businesses interested in upskilling their staff in a wide range of digital marketing modules the Digital Marketing Institute has a selection of paid courses from masters in digital marketing to mobile marketing, social media marketing and digital strategy and planning courses.

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