Why is eir in the cybersecurity business?


When people ask why eir offers cybersecurity services, we answer that question by saying, “How could we not?”

Let’s look at how much the enterprise network has evolved: legacy networks were traditional leased lines with voice and internet connectivity, but today’s enterprise network has never been more complex. The cloud with hundreds of critical apps, the Internet of Things with thousands of interconnected machines, mobile with hundreds of thousands of vulnerable devices – all these connect to the enterprise network and open new gateways for potential cyberattacks.

As our MD Bill Archer said in a recent blog post about cyber security, “the network is the vector. That’s why at eir Business we don’t just provide network services, we provide security services that help protect your network and your business.”

And the network is not just the gateway into a business; once attackers breach the external network, they use the internal network to snoop around and locate their target, whether that’s data or vulnerable systems to infiltrate. In some cases, they use the enterprise’s own network to communicate with an outside party to receive commands, and even use the network to extract sensitive data. Protecting the network is vital.

Seeing the full picture of cybersecurity

But like the network itself, which has become ever more complex, the cybersecurity landscape too is multifaceted and can be overwhelming for any enterprise. The problem then is that enterprises aren’t seeing the full picture, they’re only getting a tiny glimpse of what they need to do to secure their business. So, what we’ve done is taken the best of the security industry – solutions and partners, as well as our own in-house experts – and brought it all together under one umbrella. We’ve created this complete cybersecurity ecosystem, all available through one single point of contact.

Our services run the full gamut from vulnerability assessment to security incident response. Every enterprise is different, and will need different levels of protection, different layers of management, different products focused on particular areas. The key is, through our broad range of services, our relationships with security heavyweights like Cisco and Espion, and our own eir experts, we are bringing the choice to enterprises, all from one provider. And we are there to explain the choices.

• From quick baseline perimeter scans to full penetration testing using ethical hackers to look for ways into your network
• From basic firewalls to next-generation intrusion detection and Sandbox environments
• From DDoS protection to fully-managed traffic monitoring that observes traffic behaviour and chokes off attacks before they even get to your network.
• From design, installation, support and maintenance of your network security infrastructure to fully managed security services.

The advantages of security services in the cloud

Enterprises are ramping up their IT security budgets: Gartner expects spending on information security products and services to reach $86.4 billion in 2017 (an increase of 7 percent over 2016) and $93 billion in 2018. Despite the rise in spending, we would advise enterprises to slow down and look at how they allocate their IT security budget. Did you know, for example, that you can take advantage of cloud-based solutions for routine security maintenance tasks? We’ve made what were typically on-premises solutions available on the network via the cloud. Moving to a cloud-based service means tasks like patching and upgrading can be done on the network side rather than investing in physical on-premises machines. By shifting these necessary IT security functions to the cloud, enterprises can move to an opex model, paying for services only when they need them. This frees up their IT security budgets for protection against more sophisticated threats, or even shifting some services to a fully-managed environment.

In light of hard-hitting regulations coming into enforcement in 2018, including the much-talked about GDPR, enterprises are naturally apprehensive. It’s a changing regulatory landscape and the responsibility is being placed firmly on enterprises to get their data security strategy into shape. For enterprises with smaller budgets and no dedicated CIO, this environment could be daunting. There is a clear demand, and scarcity of, experts in this area. Through our partnerships and internal expertise, we can offer that know-how to enterprises, giving them the assurance that they are complying with these tougher laws.

The beauty of eir’s security offering is that there is no need for enterprises to have multiple relationships. All of our services and solutions come under our umbrella, with just one contact. Our goal is to simplify the security landscape for enterprises. We’re bringing advanced technology to our enterprise customers – WAN/LAN, Cloud, IoT, Unified Communications, Mobile – and we’re making sure they are maximising the potential of these advances, while at the same time, doing so securely. And with our new suite of managed security services – managed security devices, Managed SIEM, Vulnerability management, Incident response and GDPR consulting services – we have you covered from all angles.

David Lowe is Sales Director at eir Business.